Surface Acts


CONTINUING AN INTEREST in photography, but not wanting to be a pure photographer, I’ve committed myself to studies that explore surface, space, and plane in formal experiments that incorporate specific aspects of painting, photography, geometry, and architecture. The images shown here are studies in preparation for finished objects that will be, in part, paintings, collage, and photographic prints.

Digital prints, when done well, are certainly a worthy art form. But I see potential to take them to a more physical level. Traditional printmaking often succeeds most effectively by activating the surface of works on paper in a way that a digital print cannot. Paintings, in a different manner, have an advantage over prints in the way they capture the artist’s process firsthand.

It’s my intent to combine each of these methods into finished pieces that, I believe, can be contextualized formally and quite possibly conceptually. However, I’m making an effort not to qualify them conceptually at the moment. I need to leave some things to chance. As a designer of visual experience I’m way to prone to exhaustive planning. The artist in me needs to leave room for discovery. Intuition needs opportunity. This is where art comes alive.

Through these studies I’m relatively clear on what these pieces could look like once completed – but I’m not completely clear on what the works will feel like. I’m anticipating a welcome process of engaging the eye and mind in ways I have not yet experienced. Check back for details and thoughts – and photos of the resulting objects.